Must-Attend for Food Manufacturing Executives

In an increasingly interconnected and ever-growing global community, the role of food manufacturing is an indispensable pillar of the food industry. Its significance lies in its ability to produce a wide range of foods on a massive scale and connect producers to consumers worldwide. However, the path is strewn with challenges, from staying up to date with the latest technologies to meeting the evolving demands and expectations of consumers worldwide. Navigating these challenges is an ongoing journey for leaders in the food manufacturing space as they strive to feed the world responsibly and efficiently.

Effective Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and centralized approaches have given manufacturers improved control over production quality. Thanks to factors like technology, urbanization, and globalization, the demand for food products and their availability will only continue to increase.

The North American Food Manufacturing Summit brings together the “who’s who” of food manufacturing executives, and cutting-edge technology and solution providers for North America’s premier food manufacturing event. Join us and be a part of the conversation!

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Agenda at a Glance

  • Modern Techniques to Process Food Products
  • Effective GMP and Centralized Approaches
  • Incorporating Automation into Processes
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Evolving Consumer Preferences and Trends
  • Addressing the Labor Shortage
  • Managing Energy Consumption and Costs

Who Should Attend?

  • Chief Manufacturing Officers
  • Chief Operations Officers
  • Chief Transformation Officers
  • Chief Supply Chain & Procurement Officers
  • Chief Engineering Officers
  • Chief Technical & Innovation Officers
  • EVPS, SVPs, VPS, and Directors of…
    • Manufacturing
    • Operations
    • Engineering
    • Supply Chain, Procurement, and Sourcing
    • Internal Quality
    • Sustainability
      and more

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